Shaftless Screw Conveyors


Shaftless Screw Conveyors have been accepted as the leading method over conventional material handling equipment for the transportation of difficult materials (eg. wet pulps, fibrous or sticky materials). In addition, all the conveyors are fully enclosed ensuring effective, safe and silent transportation in a clean and odourless environment. Apart from that, the absence of a shaft and intermediate bearings greatly minimizes the risk of clogging while increases the conveyor capacity at the same time.

Sam McCoy has been designing and manufacturing shaftless screw conveyors for water and wastewater applications over the past ten years. Shaftless screw conveyors had been widely accepted by various industries as the preferred method of conveying due to its high efficiency and durability. Our shaftless screw conveyors are widely used for the transportation of screenings, dewatered sludge as well as grit and sand from treatment plants.

Over the past five years, Sam McCoy had revolutionized the transportation of various different medias in palm oil industry by introducing our shaftless screw conveyors as an alternative to conventional transportation equipment - eg. shafted conveyors and bucket elevators. In direct comparison with traditional shafted screw conveyors, Sam McCoy shaftless screw conveyors excel in various aspects such as durability, reliability and performance. Equipped with a complete team of engineering experts, knowledge and experience, Sam McCoy continues to play an important role in the palm oil industry by improving our shaftless screw conveyors via intensive product Research and Development.


Standard Design

Our shaftless screw conveyors are produced from standard components tailored to the requirements of each site. The troughs, available in mild steel or stainless steel, include wear resistant liners selected according to the application and duty.

The liners are most commonly of UHMW PE1000 material (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene 1000) for maximum wear resistance and lifespan. For different applications, such as palm oil mills, the liners are made of specially selected hardened steel wear bars designed uniquely to accomodate different wear rates and different conveyed media.


Shaftless screw conveyors for wastewater treatment application


Spirals are manufactured with careful precision from hardened steel or stainless steel and a cold forming technique to optimize strength. Spirals are available at different standard sizes ranging from as small as 190mm up to 540mm in diameter. Longer or heavier duty spirals are supplied with inner spirals to increase axial strength and capacity. Single units up to 20 meters in length can be delivered with push or pull drives depending on the application and conveyed media.


Main Advantages

Sam McCoy's shaftless screw conveyors have major advantages over conventional equipment such as:

  • No clogging under peak loads
  • No hanger bearings - No clogging or fouling at hanger bearings
  • No shaft - No shaft fouling by stringy materials
  • No leakage
  • Very much quieter operation
  • Longer lifespan and less maintenance
  • No chains or bearings - very low failure rate
  • No carry-over at discharge
  • Can handle large lumps
  • In-line discharge possible
  • Sealed/enclosed system - spillage and odours are contained
  • More efficient and reliable in media transfer
  • Higher filling rates at lower running rpm
  • Smaller footprint - saves precious space


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Shaftless screw conveyor maintenance work in progress


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